About Me

I’m Alen Abraham (he/him), a Software Engineer from Kerala, India 🇮🇳. I focus on DevOps, Cloud and Cloud native environments along with a strong interest towards Open-Source. I like to learn new technologies, especially topics related to software engineering and get hands-on experience with latest trends. I write tech and career related blogposts here on my website and on various other platforms.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE) from College of Engineering Chengannur(CEC) on July 2021. Currently, I am working full-time as a Technical Operations Engineer at Qure.ai and as an Open Source Contributor at Naas.ai.

So, this is my blog, one of my most procrastinated projects. I wish you could learn something from here and more additions are gonna happen to this website. If you want to stay in touch, reach me on Twitter or Linkedin.