Hey everyone!

This is my first write up in 2022 and it is based on UI/UX Design. For those who are looking to start with UI/UX Design, this article will be very helpful because I have curate a list of awesome youtubers where you could Master UI/UX from beginner-level.

Here is the list :

  1. Mizko

  2. DesignCourse

  3. JesseShowalter

  4. Flux With Ran Segall

  5. MalewiczHype

  6. Cuberto Design

  7. AJSmart

  8. ABNUX

  9. Saptarshi Prakash

  10. Punit Chawla

  11. Career Foundry

  12. NNgroup

  13. Mike Locke

  14. Design Pilot

  15. Femke Design


And that is an end to the long list of 15 awesome youtube channels from where you can learn UI/UX and other cool design stuffs. Do check it out give feedback :)

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